Hydro-oils for exterior


Shield the wood, say goodbye to sanding. Outdoor long-lasting solutions for deckings, garden furniture, claddings and watercrafts.

The Ultimate Protection UV+ systems are smart solutions to improve wood longevity. The water-based Ultimate Protection UV+ range is created to ward off the attacks from the most dangerous atmospheric and biological agents, thus revolutionising the concepts of care and maintenance. Thanks to UV+ Protection and Radical Block technologies, the Ultimate Protection UV+ oils fix the original beauty of outdoor deckings, garden furniture, claddings and watercrafts over time. Thanks also to its Self-Consuming formula, maintenance and restoration, which are normally complex and demanding procedures, finally become quick operations, as sanding is no more necessary.

Main advantages of
Ultimate Protection UV+ solutions

Ultimate Protection UV+ solutions are attentive to the nature.
The water-based formulas reduce VOC emissions and are odourless.

They are self-consuming and do not peel off
They don’t need sanding
They shield the wood from solar radiation
They impede fungi, moulds and bacteria from proliferating
They resist to water
They defend the wood against salty sea mist
They protect the wood from abrasions and foot traffic
They nourish the wood, enhancing its original features
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The high technology inside Renner Italia laboratories

Renner Italia laboratories have a mission: to preserve the beauty of wooden objects over time. Ultimate Protection UV+ is the leading edge of the research in the field of coatings for exterior. A heap of technology attentive to the environment and focused on the latest requirements of painters and architects.

Radiation absorbers

The special UV+ Protection absorbers inside the Ultimate Protection UV+ systems stop the ultraviolet radiations on the surface, impeding them to penetrate inside the objects and to attack the lignin. The lignin is one of the main wood components. In hardwoods, this polymer is almost 20% of the total mass; a percentage that reaches 30% in softwoods. If not sufficiently counteracted, the UV rays action transforms the lignin from a compact into a water-soluble substance. When destabilised by UV rays and in prolonged contact with rain, the lignin is inevitably eroded. In these conditions, the coating cracks and the wood turns grey. Thanks to the UV+ Protection technology, Ultimate Protection UV+ absorbs UV light, does not crack and keeps the wood alive.
Radical Block

An extra barrier against degradation

The sun puts the endurance of wood to the test. Especially during the long and hard exposures to the south-west. The Radical Block scavengers intervene when the persistent stress caused by the UV radiation punches the surface, even if only minimally. It is thus a second protective barrier, prolonging the life of timber, treated with Ultimate Protection UV+.

No more sanding

The traditional coating for exterior is a film-forming product. It creates a continuous covering layer. Because of this continuity feature, over time the coating tends to crack, in smaller or bigger chinks. During the restoring operation, the peeling is a negative feature of the coatings. The paint deep removal of a flooring, a piece of furniture or of a cladding is a burdensome activity. Thanks to their Self-Consuming technology, the Ultimate Protection UV+ oils prevent the peeling and are self-consuming. These alkyd-based drying hydro-oils, in fact, create a homogeneous, but not film-forming, thin layer. All this to the benefit of the users who must not sand during the restoration.


Ultimate Protection UV+ systems are suitable for every kind of wood.
This catalogue is based on the two biggest families of woods, that are mainly used in exterior,
to choose the most suitable system for your specific needs.


An easy icon system characterizes the interpretation of Ultimate Protection UV+
systems and guides through the choice of the desired features.