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School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the 22 February. Earth Day: April 22. Information for the 2022-23 Poster Contest is now available! Let's some our drivers some love! Golden Gate Transit's bus operators do it allconduct pre-trip inspections, pick up riders, collect fares, answer trip planning questionsall while safely maneuvering an extra large and heavy vehicle through traffic, around tight corners and detours, and through all sorts of weather. The following are the main reasons why you should take part in the celebration of the School Bus Driver Appreciation Day: One good reason why you should participate in the celebration of this day is that it is the ideal time for you to show just how much your appreciate school drivers for doing a good job in bringing your kids to school and also bringing them safely from school to home. Roy Cooper proclaimed Feb. 8-12 as School Bus Driver Appreciation Week in North Carolina. 2023 provides the perfect opportunity to spread positivity by recognizing and showing appreciation to your employees and clients for their dedication and contributions. It's School Bus Driver Appreciation day on the 22nd of February. School Bus Driver Appreciation Week (1).pdf. Oregon Trucking (@OTAOregon) September 13, 2022, Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!! https://t.co/D6pyfV95VX pic.twitter.com/RCK13tQVCn This week we celebrate our thanks and gratitude for these essential members of the Lakeville Area community. Issues. This holiday is all about appreciating school bus drivers for being good Samaritans to children who go to school everyday. They bring our students to and from school every day safely. #NTDAW2022 #WomenInTrucking pic.twitter.com/TV9TbcyITF $2499 $32.99. C.H. Hermann Services (@Hermann1927) September 16, 2022, We're showing our appreciation to our drivers across the country this week. 4. SCHOOL BUS DRIVER APPRECIATION DAY 2022 newswire.ca Like . Virginia Beach City Public Schools 4.1. HCS celebrates School Bus Driver Appreciation Week in South Carolina - February 22-26, 2022. It's a day to appreciate yourself If you happen to be a school bus driver, there is no better day to honor your profession than today. Previously most were semi-automatic. Volunteers Needed for the Wolverine Dash! 25 designs. This year's winner was veteran driver Jess Graham, an owner-operator with ABM United Express of Lilburn, Ga. Grahamwas nominated by her peers for her commitment to those in the industryadvocating for all women, minorities, and LGBTQ truck drivers. For instance, some people give gifts and warm letters to the bus school drivers that they know. If you have food in your house, a refrigerator to put it in, a table to eat it at, and a chair to sit in, you can be certain a truck driver delivered it, whether directly to your house or to the store it was purchased at. The National School Bus Safety Week program is hosted by: Passenger Crash Protection & Belts on Buses, School Bus Driver Safety and Risk Index, 10 Steps to Becoming a Military-Ready Employer, National School Bus Loading & Unloading Surveys, Department of Education Transportation Offices. On Sale: Truck Driver's Survival Kit Gift Tags, National Truck Driver Appreciation Day, Staff . We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cultural calendar giving you exciting activities, deals, local events, brand promotions, and other exciting ways to celebrate. The mission of the New Jersey School Bus Contractors Association is to provide information to our membership regarding school bus safety and school bus industry news. These items will sell out, so shop today: https://t.co/hRuYDcaYge #NTDAW2022 pic.twitter.com/1QNee26R6c . Nationally, February is Love the Bus month, aimed to raise awareness and appreciation for the safe experience of riding the bus to and from school. A.L. Each February, we invite students, schools, and educators to highlight the important role of the yellow school bus in their communities and show appreciation for the school bus drivers who safely transport more than 25 million children to and from school every day. #thankatrucker #NTDAW22 pic.twitter.com/DiCJsOvnvf This day is set aside to recognize and appreciate all the hard work and dedication that our school bus drivers put in day in and day out to ensure our children arrive to school safely. We also encourage everyone to participate in Bus Driver Appreciation Week online by using the hashtag #ThankYouBusDrivers and tagging @MPSSAA_Org on Twitter. So, lets all take a moment on this School Bus Driver Appreciation Day to thank our drivers for their selfless service! They provide a critical service that keeps the Commonwealth in motion and ensures residents and visitors get where they need to go. "People tend to forget that driving a school bus with 72 children is not easy and is a very important responsibility. We're giving away thank you gifts at locations across the country to say thanks to the hardworking Motor Carriers who keep our cargo in motion. pic.twitter.com/MkPYZBh3sK The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) is declaring the week of May 2 to May 7, 2022 as Bus Driver Appreciation Week to thank and bring attention to the hard work and dedication of the professionals who transport nearly 112,000 MPSSAA student-athlete participants across the state of Maryland. Governor Proclaims School Bus Driver Appreciation Week 2021. Day and night, these professionals go the extra mile to transport food, materials, medical supplies and other resources to millions of people across the country. Designed to promote school bus safety, school districts throughout the country observe School Bus Safety Week. This year, lets go above and beyond simply saying thank you by writing a heartfelt letter, giving a small gift, or even just giving them a big hug. School Transportation Appreciation Day falls within National School Bus Safety Week, which is Oct. 17-21. Remember to thank a trucker today and every day!#NTDAW22 #TruckingInLA #ThankATrucker pic.twitter.com/GUYKiSyBu8 Children from low-income households in rural areas all around the world have benefited greatly from the benefits provided by school buses. The holiday seems to have spread after being established in the state to be commemorated casually. School bus drivers are a vital part of the education system and the School Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2023 is the perfect opportunity to show them how much we appreciate their hard work. During a convention, 44 requirements for school buses are adopted, one of which is that buses must always be yellow. pic.twitter.com/G3DkZxIX6r Nov 6, 2019 - Explore Anne Marie Peterson-Independen's board "Bus Driver Appreciation", followed by 375 people on Pinterest. The importance of school bus drivers has been emphasized more than ever during . CPI 2022-2023 school year is 1.91%. Please mark your calendar with a special note to create a homemade cards to have your child hand deliver to their respective bus driver when they are picked up any morning for school this week. This cute zippered pouch will keep the bus driver's essentials close at hand. The badge stock is Avery Template 5390. School Bus Driver Gifts for Women - Birthday Gifts for School Bus Driver - Back to School End Of Term Gifts for Bus Driver - Thank You Appreciation Gift for School Bus Driver - Throw Blanket 60"x50". Prize wheel is up today, an the celebration continues! We celebrate because it is the School Bus Driver Appreciation Day! You Can Also Appreciate to School Bus Driver to Tag Your Bus Driver Social Profie with Hashtag#SchoolBusDriverAppreciationDay on Your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Bus Driver Appreciation but could be made for teachers, too. School Bus Drivers Day, created in 2009 by the California State Assembly, is a well-deserved salute in the . Staff Fueling Up the Trucks #NTDAW22 #GarnerStrong #DriveGarner pic.twitter.com/SOymfKRxvT They are ambassadors for Bryant Public Schools--but they are also leaders and mentors to students. With that in mind, here are a slew of ideas for showing drivers they are valued, and yes, appreciated. Created Date: It is no secret that our bus drivers are an integral part of our school system. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #SchoolBusDriverAppreciationDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day. TXTA (@TX_TA) September 16, 2022, As we wrap up #DriverAppreciationWeek, we want to recognize our drivers once more. This is a great way to show your appreciation for all they do to get our kids to school safely every day. Goodie Bags A day to recognize, appreciate, and give gifts to your hard-working school bus drivers! The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the School Bus Driver Appreciation Day as best as it can be: One good thing to do for your celebration of this day is to give a gift or letter to a school bus driver you know. A big shout out to all of the professional drivers for their hard work & commitment to ensure the country gets the essential goods + supplies we need every day. See more ideas about bus driver appreciation, bus driver, appreciation gifts. A personal touch goes a long way in showing how much you appreciate someone. Left to right: Jenny Ruiz of Transfix, contest winner Jess Graham, and celebrity handyman Jason Cameron. #NTDAW2022 pic.twitter.com/edvXw9YDY4 More details here: https://t.co/HsuTUpTVS4#NTDAW2022 #NTDAW22 pic.twitter.com/PheRQtOR61 The rear door, however, was still there and was used in case of an emergency. Wash bus; clean bus inside and out; fuel bus as required. Proclamation. School Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2023 will celebrate on the 22nd of February as like every year with same day. #thankatrucker #NTDAW2022 pic.twitter.com/RjzztWr6qR The hue was chosen because black letters could be read on it and it was believed to be the easiest to see at sunrise and dusk. They bring our students to and from school every day safely. 200 NW 4th St. Bryant, AR 72022501-847-5600501-847-5695. Do your part and Thank a Bus Driver! We thank you in advance for your participation in this worthy endeavor. When it comes to cricket, there are few rivalries that can match the intensity and passion of India vs Pakistan. American Trucking (@TRUCKINGdotORG) September 14, 2022, Our celebration of #NTDAW2022 continues, and today, we want to say thank you to all of our diligent and dedicated tenured drivers. National Rehabilitation Awareness Week. Truck drivers deliver the things that make life possible, so during #TruckDriverAppreciationWeek we want to take time to give thanks to those who are going the extra mile all year long.#ThanksForEverythingLiterally #NTDAW22 pic.twitter.com/ykScZUGaFj The commemoration of this day is a heartfelt way of expressing gratitude for the work that school bus drivers accomplish. School Bus Driver Appreciation is usually a single-day event, but as thousands of drivers went above and beyond the call of duty in the last year, Gov. Be sure that . The essence of Love The Bus Month is to show appreciation for the individuals who make the running of the school bus business successful. The Houston Independent School District is celebrating school bus drivers this week as part of School Bus Driver Appreciation Week, which launches Monday, Feb. 8. #TruckDriverAppreciationWeek | #NTDAW22 | #logistics pic.twitter.com/KTZudBKniU Required fields are marked *. Parents and children want to know their bus driver. Awareness Days: 4: School Librarian Appreciation Day ; 5 . In Cumberland County, there are usually 450 drivers on the roads every morning. Yesterday the GCT USA team celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week with a small giveaway to show our gratitude for the hard-working men and women truck drivers (over 3.7M in the. The MPSSAA is requesting all member school communities, including but not limited to athletic directors, coaches, student-athletes, school administration, and athletic programs, assist in recognizing all bus drivers by highlighting actions that would thank them for their dedication and involvement in interscholastic athletics. Want more news? TORONTO, Oct. 19, 2022 /CNW/ - School Bus Ontario is celebrating 2022 School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, October 19, 2022 by reminding Ontario families that drivers are highly skilled professionals with one of the most important jobs in the education system getting our children to and from school safely every day. After it had been celebrated there informally for a while, the California legislature declared the day official. FREE delivery Wed, Mar 8 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon. Driver Appreciation Day 2022. Is Video Octopus Down? 5. May 26, 2022 - Explore Emily Dye's board "Bus driver appreciation week", followed by 171 people on Pinterest. This day was created to show our appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that our school bus drivers put in to make sure that our children get to school safely every day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to Fix Max Payne 3 error missing Steam-API.dll? About the First Family. (Carve Communications), Throughout the week, #txtatrucker CKJ Transport has held events at multiple terminals for #NTDAW2022! PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) - It's National Bus Driver Appreciation week and we're saluting the people who get our kids to and from school safely. Administrative Professionals . Others decide to spend some time with school drivers and treat them to a good meal. From February 7-11, the bus drivers will receive small tokens of appreciation from the PTO on behalf of all West Middleton families showing our gratitude. "Every school day starts and ends with a school bus," said Rob Murphy, President of School Bus Ontario. Literally. All rights reserved. It's a job that some people may take for granted, but school bus drivers get up as early as four o'clock every morning to make sure your kids are able to get to school safely. During the past two years, the MPSSAA community has been reminded of just how important interscholastic athletics are to our member schools, students and communities. DCLI (@DCLItweets) September 13, 2022, The team is looking great in their new Driver Appreciation Week shirts. The rising militancy among bus drivers take place in the midst of a massive bus driver shortage. A pouch for essentials. In honor of this week, we're asking our drivers their favorite place to drive through. Thank you! It would go a long way to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness. A.L. Suicide Prevention Week ~ 4 Sep 2022 to 10 Sep 2022. Additionally, he is a response to the modern school buses. Payroll Week ~ 5 Sep 2022 to 9 Sep 2022. #NTDAW2022 pic.twitter.com/Y7rB7Ta6fU Its a day to recognize and appreciate all the hard work school bus drivers do in order to transport students from home to school, and vice versa. The School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is celebrated every 22nd of February each year. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. If so, youre in luck! FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) - This week, school districts across the state will observe Love the Bus/Bus Driver Appreciation Week. Know how much valuable you are. Click herefor some great tips from NAPT. Atlas Oil (@atlasoil) September 15, 2022, Yesterday the GCT USA team celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week with a small giveaway to show our gratitude for the hard-working men and women truck drivers (over 3.7M in the US) who keep the economy moving - we appreciate you! Every day, either as children or parents, we appreciate school bus drivers. American Trucking (@TRUCKINGdotORG) September 13, 2022, #UPS drivers are trained to recognize what's going to happen before it happens. The sacrifices you make to keep the world moving does not go unnoticed. Apply to Bus Driver, Truck Driver and more! #thankatrucker #torcdriven #ntdaw pic.twitter.com/HcB93PLRu1 Pearl Harbor . [Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.]. We ABSOLUTELY love our bus drivers and transportation staff. Listen to today's daily briefing belowor go here for more info: 80 M Street SE, Suite 800, Washington, D.C., 20003, Transportation Experts Divided on FMCSAs Rejection of IRT | Transport Topics, FHWA Issues Requirements for EV Chargers but Not for Trucks | Transport Topics, Upgrades Speed Up Truck Traffic at Border Crossing in Texas | Transport Topics, Big G Express Acquires RTR Transportation | Transport Topics, CVSA International Roadcheck Event Set for May 16-18 | Transport Topics, 2023 Transport Topics | All Rights Reserved. I am thinking mailman too.. with words changed up a bit! Currently, there are about 50 school bus driver job . Appreciation is a key ingredient in retention. We are so excited to kick off a jam packed week full of recognition of those who #KeepAmericaMovingForward! Our district is celebrating School Bus Driver Appreciation Day on Tuesday, February 22. School Bus Driver Giftteacher Appreciation Gift Teacher - Etsy. Understanding health and safety issues would also be important. You are the backbone of the logistics industry. School buses were designed without seatbelts. At the beginning of the 20th century, children were transported to and from school in horse-drawn carriages. . April 26, 2023 - April 27, 2023 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) . We hope you will participate in making it a special week for them by expressing your gratitude. Let us know with a reply! #NTDAW2022 #drivingmorethanfreight #thankyou pic.twitter.com/dGiVKCKd0R 2022National School Bus Safety Week:October 17-21, 2022. For the second year in a row, Transfix teamed up with celebrity handyman Jason Cameron to give one driver their dream rig as part of their TransFIX My Rig contest. Download these name badge PDFs, customize and print. Weve got all the information you ShareX is a popular screen capture and file sharing tool that allows users to easily upload and share images, videos, and other files. LAPS NEWS RELEASE As part of National School Bus Driver Appreciation Week, Los Alamos Public Schools would like to take this opportunity to thank its transportation staff. We took our Findlay, OH drivers out for some burgers. Throughout 2022, there are key days, weeks, and months dedicated to recognizing your school staff. toyourinbox. The California State Assembly established School Bus Drivers Day in 2009. Kenworth Truck Co. (@KenworthTruckCo) September 14, 2022, Our @AmericaRoadTeam Interstate One truck is parked outside ATA's #CapitolHill office today for #NTDAW22! You're in luck, we have compiled a list of 2022-2023 school appreciation days based on feedback from leaders in the education field. National Surgical Technologists Week. Transit Driver Appreciation Month 2022. Paid training. Shop appreciation gifts and educational tools today! Next week, the West Middleton PTO has coordinated a week of activities to recognize our WM school bus drivers. #NTDAW #ThankADriver #TXTAtrucker pic.twitter.com/8McXMp9qyR #NTDAW #NTDAW22 #thankatrucker #Texas #trucking #truckdriver #Dallas #grateful pic.twitter.com/ixYxomkq8L Except for minibusses, all buses back to the late 80s have been automatic. The date was chosen to commemorate the very first bus line, Blaise Pascal's carosses cinq sous ("five-penny carriages") in Paris in 1662. You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. A big thank you to the DFW Council of Safety Professionals and @GreatWestCC for your support today! Perhaps the reason for this is that some people have thought that school bus drivers need to be appreciated by the people they serve. On Jan. 29, Gov. Patriot Day: A Day of Service and Remembrance of September 11, 2001 ~ 11 Sep 2022 American Trucking (@TRUCKINGdotORG) August 24, 2022. That's a critical job. LA Motor Transport Assn., Inc. (@TruckinginLA) September 15, 2022, Our hearts are full! School bus drivers are likely to feel motivated by all the appreciation they receive on this day. Logistics Plus (which was founded and is owned by a former truck driver) and its sister company, National Truckload (NTL), would like to thank the 3.6 million professional men and women for their hard work in undertaking one of our economy's most demanding . National School Bus Safety Week is held every third full week in October. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Thank you, Tyanna, for all that you do!#NTDAW2022 #NTDAW #nationaltruckdriverappreciationweek #thankyouforeverythingliterally pic.twitter.com/KOozFF7KbL Join us in thanking all truck drivers for their hard word and dedication! Every day is a holiday!Receive fresh holidays directly In North Carolina, more than 750,000 students board over 13,000 school buses each day. If students can't get to school, they [] For the last two weeks, the public school district serving northern . Fun Bus Driver gift. Without them, many parents would not be able to get to work on time or attend important appointments. American School Bus Council | 1840 Western Avenue | Albany, New York 12203.

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