Hi-tech wood coatings


Hi-tech wood coatings

Who we are?

Renner Bahrain is the first and only
dealer of Renner wood coatings in Bahrain

The company is responsible of the distribution in this part of the Middle East. Renner Bahrain satisfies its customers by means of a huge distribution network, that is helpful and quick in its assistance and work. The commitment of Renner Bahrain is overcoming the expectations of the users by offering the best quality products and the most effective pre- and after-sales customer service.


Shield the wood

Say goodbye to sanding


Exclusive metal hydro-oils

For exterior and for interior


First Renner store

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Where we are?

Wherever you are, Renner Bahrain is able to offer you the most technologic coatings of Renner Group

Development Manager

Ryan D’silva

Store, meeting rooms
and more

Our hi-tech wood coatings

The advanced wood coatings of Renner Group represent the excellence of the chemical industry at international level.

Every day in Renner Italia laboratories the most renowned researchers face the challenges of the wood coating industry. We offer an unlimited range of effects and colours and modern, ultra-resistant, effective and eco-friendly coatings. Renner Group produces wood coatings using the modern technology, trying to obtain aesthetical effects of high quality and high performances, considering all the application methods.

Products range

Our R&D laboratory has developed more than 6.000 formulas. Renner wood coatings are suitable for every application method: spray gun, curtain coater, dipping, tunnel, oven under the influence of heat, UV, IR or microwave curing.

A various and enormous offer of products for the wood coatings

Water-based wood coatings: traditional and UV, for interior and exterior
Solvent-based coatings: nitro, synthetic, PU and PE
Color System Tinting systems: manual and automatic, water-based and solvent-based products
Pigmented coatings: water-based and solvent-based, for specific and general use
Water-based and solvent-based additives and auxiliary products
PU and PE thinners, stains, enamels, impregnating stains
Fire-retardant wood coatings
Rennerplast, the coatings for the PVC
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